micro parts to market... faster


8/27/13  Automated micro assembly has to be considered when looking at any micro manufacturing project, as no micro project can be successful commercially unless there are reliable and cost-effective assembly technologies that can handle products and components on a micro scale. Technologies required to facilitate micro assembly are vision systems, micro positioners, micro grippers, high resolution and high precision transfer tools for handling parts and components, clean room facilities, and real-time computer vision for controlling servo mechanisms and motors for alignment and assembly of parts with sub-micron tolerances.

MES is expert in the most appropriate micro manufacturing and assembly techniques for your project. In all successful projects, MES is engaged early and is a strategic partner in a client’s micro manufacturing and assembly endeavors. MES has an in-depth understanding of the scaling problems that are characteristic of micron-sized components or components with micron sized features.


In common with other aspects of the micro manufacturing world, material and process behaviors when assembling at the micro level are different from traditional assembly. Gravity is no longer the dominant force at work in many circumstances, running a distant second to surface tension and electrostatic attraction, and in the world of micro assembly, liquids flow upwards through capillary action.

As speedy and cost-effective assembly is the key to successful commercial micro manufacturing, it is vital that your choice of partner for a micro manufacturing project has the knowledge and expertise required to execute efficient micro component assembly.