There is a continuing and accelerating demand from OEMs across the industry to miniaturize parts and components or to introduce microfeatures on larger parts. In the medical sector, this drive is stimulated by the requirement for ever more innovative products, and also for devices to be minimally invasive, and therefore reduce the impact on the patient.

Medical devices and drug delivery systems are by their very nature safety critical, demanding that they are designed and manufactured accurately and with zero failure rates. OEMs are requiring micron level detail in an increasing array of materials, all of which perform when being processed on a micro level in ways very different from what is seen at the macro level.

When parts and features are being designed and manufactured that are sometimes not even visible to the naked eye, it is vital that medical OEMs access assistance in the design, testing, validation, manufacture, and assembly stages of product development. Micro Engineering Solutions has been providing vertically integrated solutions to its customers’ medical product development projects for 30 years, and this ensures that the design-to-market process is optimized and streamlined.

Micro Engineering Solutions has built an unparalleled reputation for producing innovative, cutting-edge micro devices and drug delivery systems for its clients in a timely and cost-effective way, combining advanced design and product development expertise with extensive clinical knowledge.

As such, the company is proud to have been involved as the strategic partner in the development of countless micro products for its numerous blue-chip multi-national and small and medium sized medical OEM customers.

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