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Micro Molding

MES designs, manufactures and automates micro molded parts and assemblies with ultra precision tolerances, from initial concept to full scale production. Our primary markets are medical and drug delivery devices.

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Single Dose Powder Inhaler


The DoseOne™ Single Dose Powder Inhaler is human factor-ready and API tested for Actives in several molecule sizes. Patented in several embodiments, our technology enables two different powder drugs to be simultaneously released with the same inhalation. With five total parts, it is currently designed for scalability and economic validation and manufacturing.   Micro Engineering… Read More »

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From napkin sketch to full CAD models, MES designs, manufactures, and assembles state of the art dust-specked sized micro molded parts and features.  Concepts are provided to our clients comparing manufacturability and pros and cons in cost, scalability, quality, and handling/assembly.  Examples of MES micro sized medical and drug delivery devices:

  • Drug Compounded Polymer Stents, Anchors, Needles, and Sheaths
  • Disposable Dry Powder Inhalers
  • Diabetic Pumps with onboard micro valves
  • Hydrogel, and collagen implants
  • Micro Aspirators
  • Neurosurgical coil assemblies
  • Transdermal patches and drug well arrays
  • Silicone micro intraocular implants
  • Bio-Resorbable Polymer Implants