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Micro Machining

MES designs and manufactures iteration-friendly cutting edge dust-speck sized micro machined parts and features that can equal quality parts in-hand fast, keeping capital costs low in any size volume.
We work in a variety of fields with expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Microfluidics – Case Study

micro mold

Microfluidic devices are designed to control extremely tiny droplets of fluid such as blood, drugs, or gel-like fluids. Tiny channels, v-grooves, holes, and valves are accurately positioned on tiny chips and surfaces to push, pull, pressurize, or atomize these fluids in order to give the microfluidic device the required functionality. Key to the efficient working… Read More »

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MES designs, manufactures and assembles state of the are dust-speck sized micro molded parts and features with sub-micron tolerances, from initial concept to full CAD models. We work in a variety of fields with expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

One of the fastest ways to get micro parts in our customer’s hands has traditionally been micro machining.  Many applications can be justified to spend capital on tooling up for micro molding, however, if the design has been made iteration-friendly (steel safe, inserted for areas thought to be changing prior to design freeze) then it may be a perfect candidate for micro machining.

Benefits to Micro Machining over other Micro Processes:

  • Fast Parts in Hand to show feasibility
  • Capital Cost Effectiveness in both low and high volume
  • Features to 3 microns
  • Surface finish to < 8 Ra
  • Use of final material from prototype through production

Not all materials are friendly to micro machining, such as: some polymers, heat sensitive materials, and drug-induced materials.  The shear stresses in which micro machining occurs can render a material degradable, physically weak, and/or unfit for sterilization in some cases.