Micro Engineering Solutions uses mold flow analysis on all designs that will be fabricated using micro injection molding to ensure that any problems that may occur during manufacture are recognized as early in the product development process as possible.

Mold flow analysis simulates an injection cycle using a chosen material, and Micro Engineering Solutions uses it to determine the best feed system design, predict possible molding defects, and suggest optimum injection molding parameters such as the best runner system design.

Among other things, mold flow analysis indicates the optimum fill time, injection pressure, shot weight, highlights air traps and weld lines, and predicts such things as freeze time, temperature at the flow front, fill pattern, and shear stress.

The color maps created by mold flow analysis assist in adaptive changes of the design in order to create a quality medical device before the micro molding process actually begins. This ensures that when a product goes into manufacture for pilot or mass production build, it will perform and behave optimally. It also means that problems are detected and confronted well in advance of the expense of tool fabrication.

Micro Engineering Solutions invests in mold flow analysis and takes the time necessary to simulate the manufacture of a particular design as we see it as a critical component in the production of a quality product for our customers.

It reinforces our commitment to quality and efficient and timely service which runs through all aspects of our product development philosophy. It reflects Micro Engineering Solutions’ reputation as a highly competent, reliable, best-in-class medical device design and development partner.

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