Time and money can be saved if a medical device design can be closely analysed and assessed in terms of performance before any pilot parts are produced. With this in mind, Micro Engineering Solutions applies rigorous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing on the CAD files of appropriate parts and devices to ensure that the design is fit for purpose and right first time.

While the FDA does not require medical OEMs to submit the results of CFD analysis as part of a premarket notification, Micro Engineering Solutions believes that it is a vital tool in medical device design analysis. It allows us to analyze flow patterns and draw conclusions about the performance of a range of products that involve the flow of liquids or gases. As such, it performs a vital function, and allows micro medical devices to be designed optimally in respect of impact on patient health and quality of life.

CFD assists in the design of a variety of medical devices, but is especially useful for those with complex 3D geometries, fluid structure interaction, moving boundaries, and small gaps.

Micro Engineering Solutions sees the use of CFD as a critical technology that helps us to develop, test, and accelerate the regulatory approval process for many of our medical OEM customers, and we remain committed to using CFD and other complimentary software analysis solutions to give our customer design the competitive edge.

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