Micro Device Design Analysis

For Micro Engineering Solutions, the guiding principles behind any micro medical product development project are that the highest quality products must be designed and manufactured, and in the most cost-effective and timely fashion.

With this in mind, it is vital that all the necessary checks and simulations are carried out on a conceptual design as early in the product development cycle as possible.

Use of simulation software on 3D CAD files can optimize the design of a product — which enhances quality and helps to assist in fulfilling end user requirements more precisely — and also ensure design for manufacturability by predicting molding parameters.  It is vital that any design or manufacturing concerns are discovered as early as possible in the product development process to save the time and cost associated with reworking and alterations after tooling has been initiated.

Micro Engineering Solutions considers that an emphasis on rigorous design analysis is the hallmark of a medical device development partner that is serious about ensuring the highest quality and most innovative products are produced  on time and to budget. We have built our reputation on the exceptional level of service that we offer to our medical OEM customers.

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