micro parts to market... faster

Aerospace Contract Manufacturer, Ontario

“People know you all over the U.S. I called three people and they all told me to call you.”

Global Technology Director, RI

“Your reputation is such that micro-molding and Donna Bibber have become almost synonymous. I’m not joking, in almost every conversation I have on the subject, there is practically a race to see who’s going to mention you first! You were extremely thoughtful, helpful & knowledgeable in all of our previous contacts, so it’s natural for me to recommend you whenever I run across someone who might benefit from your services.”

Medical Contract Mfg Engineer, CO

“Everywhere I look for micro, your name is there.”

Orthodontic OEM CEO, PA

“I decided at my age that I only want to work with people I like and I really enjoyed working with you.”

Medical OEM Senior Engineer, NC

“I just wanted to let you know that I have heard very good feedback regarding your handling of this project. It’s great to have a supplier who is more a partner than just a supplier. I know the team is very appreciative.”

Medical Device OEM Scientist, MN

“If anyone can do this job, it’s you.”

Business Development Director, CT

“The work that you get done on a daily basis is incredible.”

Electronics OEM Senior Engineer, IL

“Your energy is infectious.”

R&D Director, NJ

“You have such a diverse background.”

R&D Director, NJ

“You have great energy!”