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Micro Molding

MES designs, manufactures and assembles state of the are dust-speck sized micro molded parts and features with sub-micron tolerances, from initial concept to full CAD models.
We work in a variety of fields with expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

From napkin sketch to full CAD models, MES designs, manufactures, and assembles state of the art dust-specked sized micro molded parts and features.  Concepts are provided to our clients comparing manufacturability and pros and cons in cost, scalability, quality, and handling/assembly.  Examples of MES micro sized medical and drug delivery devices:

  • Drug Compounded Polymer Stents, Anchors, Needles, and Sheaths
  • Disposable Dry Powder Inhalers
  • Diabetic Pumps with onboard micro valves
  • Hydrogel, and collagen implants
  • Micro Aspirators
  • Neurosurgical coil assemblies
  • Transdermal patches and drug well arrays
  • Silicone micro intraocular implants
  • Bio-Resorbable Polymer Implants
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