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Single Dose Powder Inhaler


The DoseOne™ Single Dose Powder Inhaler is human factor-ready and API tested for Actives in several molecule sizes. Patented in several embodiments, our technology enables two different powder drugs to be simultaneously released with the same inhalation. With five total parts, it is currently designed for scalability and economic validation and manufacturing.


Micro Engineering Solutions has the exclusive worldwide rights to sell DoseOne™
(US Patent #7,832,399) and is actively seeking serious and interested partners.


ADVANTAGE: The key advantage of the DoseOne™ is its simplicity. Through the expeditious use of design and micro manufacturing expertise, DoseOne™ is an easy to manufacture and assemble 3-component device. It caters for the increased demand for dry powder inhalers (DPIs) instead of metered dose inhalers (MDIs), the latter regarded as difficult to use, expensive to manufacture, and also attracting more and more regulatory scrutiny due to the use of propellants. There are 3 steps to using it: open the package, actuation (no priming needed) and inhalation.


PERFORMANCE: Independent lab testing with spray dried formulations indicate an effective dose delivery with 50% deep lung penetration.




– the devices aesthetics are clean and can easily be customized to meet your branding requirements

– it contains multiple segregated pathways which keeps the powder hold up to a minimum and makes the device optimization for powder properties easier

– it allows for the simultaneous release of two different drugs

– it gives a clear visible dose indication

– it can be manufactured in a variety of colors to make content identification easy

– the aerosol engine technology is applicable to any number of device embodiments


CONTACT: For more information about this amazing product or to talk about partnering up with us, please call Donna Bibber at 774-230-3459 or email her at DonnaBibber@MicroEngineeringSolutions.com. We look forward to helping you with your project needs.

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