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Ophthalmic/Intraocular Implants – Case Study

Due to the fact that they are inserted into the extremely sensitive eye area, ophthalmic and intraocular implants present huge challenges in respect of parting lines and surface finish because of the stringent comfort (compliance) required for them to be worn or implanted. As anyone who wears contact lenses knows, it is extremely bothersome to feel even the tiniest dust speck on the surface of a contact lens. For this reason, surface finish and the blending of parting lines, spherical radii, and matching cores and cavities are the key to creating these challenging implants.

Products such as punctum plugs, corrective lenses, glaucoma drains, and ophthalmic surgical tools are all micro devices designed, manufactured, and assembled by MES using cutting-edge techniques to ensure parting line and surface finish requirements are met.

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