micro parts to market... faster

Micro Molding – Suture Anchor

PEEK suture anchor used in micro surgery. NOTES surgery and endoscopy devices.

Micro Molding – Micro Filter

Polypropylene insert molded filter used in air quality  inhalation reader for mimicry industry. Full automation turnkey system running multiple millions annually.

Micro Machining – Needle view 1

This micro machined needle has a wall thickness of 0.003″ (75 micron) and a piercing tip radius 10 microns

Micro Molding – Biomimicry Surface

Silicone micro molded structures enabling growth of hydrogel cartilage. Biomimicry surfaces used as growth stimulation device.

Micro Molding – PVOH Molded Thread

PVOH molded preform is water soluble. Ribs are 0.008″ (200 microns) wide

Micro Assembly – Prostate Seed Marker

PEEK prostate seed 2mm (0.080″) long, prefilled and automated.

Micro Molded PEEK Suture Anchor

The suture barbs on this anchor are molded sharp to 16 micron radii

Micro Needle Assembly closeup

Insulin Pump Disposable, hole in center = 0.005″

Transdermal Patch Mold

A transdermal patch mold for 300 micron molded needles with 500 micron lumens

Micro Needle Assembly

Insulin Pump Disposable