Micro Engineering Solutions has an impressive pedigree in the field of micro molding, making often dust sized micro molded parts, or parts with sub-micron tolerances for an array of medical OEMs. We can process a variety of different materials, including difficult to mold materials such as PLA, PLGA, PLLA, PEEK, PES, PEI, to name but a few.

The smaller the parts demanded by our customers, the more demanding the injection molding process becomes. It takes years of experience to understand precisely how material behaves when dealing with small shot sizes, and, for example, the complexity of balancing such process parameters as metering size and holding pressure time to ensure optimal cavity filling.

Micro Engineering Solutions appreciates the fact that micro molding is a disruptive technology. It clearly breaks down preconceived barriers restricting product design and cost-effective manufacturability. In this way — for many OEMs — it represents a key part of the solution when attempting to achieve speedy, innovative, and timely manufacturing outcomes.

Also critical to success in micro molding is tooling, and Micro Engineering Solutions has many customers that have chosen us as previous suppliers have not provided products to specification, which is typically a product of poorly fabricated tools.

Micro molding as a technology cannot exist alone. Micro parts often too small to see with the naked eye need to be measured, and metrology and validation are central to success. Micro Engineering Solutions combines state of the art micro molding equipment with the latest metrology technologies including CT scanning to demonstrate that finished products comply fully with original design intent.

Micro Engineering Solutions believes that components and devices with micron tolerances can only be molded successfully by applying years of tooling and plastics engineering experience. This allows for the accurate estimation of percentage tolerance risks and ways to mitigate such risks at each phase of the micro molding process, including ultra-precision tooling, metrology, material drying, material lot-to-lot variation, and the micro injection molding process itself.

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