Micro Engineering Solutions is expert in the design and manufacture of micro valves that are used for the accurate and reliable control of liquids or gases in medical devices and some medical analytical instrumentation.

In one recent project, Micro Engineering Solutions was able to manufacture minute valves that were less than a cubic millimeter in size, 100 microns tall and 100 microns wide, with dimples / posts on top that were 3 microns in diameter and 3 microns deep. The tooling to make such intricate parts is micro machined, and it is vital that the machining process delivers small, thin-walled valves with absolutely no flash, something that is a pre-requisite for any implantable medical molding. Micro manufacturing is not the same as macro-scale manufacturing. While the development processes have the same names, they require a whole set of skills that are unique to manufacturing on the scale of a grain of sand. Every stage of the development process throws up challenges, from design, material selection, processing, handling, and of course validation. Micro Engineering Solutions is expert in every aspect of micro medical device development.

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