Conceptual Design

Micro Engineering Solutions works closely with its customers at the earliest point possible in the design of their medical devices or drug delivery systems. We analyze the pros and cons of a particular design, and provide an early assessment of its scalability and the time it will take to develop and be manufactured in volume.

Design for Manufacture (DfM) is important throughout all sectors of industry, but is especially important in the area of micro manufacturing where normal processing parameters do not exist.

Design engineers need to understand how mechanical systems and materials behave at the micron scale, and Micro Engineering Solutions’ team has the skills and knowledge to guide it medical OEM customers in this area focusing on design for manufacturability and assembly.

Awareness of manufacturing considerations from early stage conceptual design can significantly shorten time to market and product development costs. Micro Engineering Solutions understands that its customers may be on top of the clinical implications of their design but be less familiar with manufacturing related issues, so our team adds vital engineering input from a manufacturing perspective. This may involve advice concerning material selection for particular medical devices or drug delivery systems, considerations related to design parameters such as geometries that are best suited to the chosen micro fabrication technology, and micro assembly concerns.

Successful commercialization depends on assembly, manufacturability, and reliability for micro medical devices. With this in mind, Micro Engineering Solutions looks beyond the downstream and part-level design activities such as structural optimization and design rules, and extends its view of conceptual design into the area of both manufacturability and assembly.

This holistic view allows us to sign off a product design and also agree the product development parameters that allow us to move on to pilot production, pre-clinical trials, and volume manufacture.

We specialize in the design of dry powder inhalers, micro valves, needle arrays, and parts made using silicone micro molding

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