Clinical Knowledge

Any kind of design is demanding, and requires that a design engineer has not just skill, but also the ability to access relevant associated design information and intelligence on market trends and customer requirements to achieve “best-in-class” results.

In the area of medical device design, however, design engineers are confronted by a whole set of additional challenges, because medical scenarios involve a hugely complex interaction between standards and regulations, an extremely diverse end-user community, a vast array of established essential procedures, and a mountain of underlying science. All of this needs to be fed into any medical device design process, which is not easy as many design teams do not have a profound medical expertise.

Micro Engineering Solutions is the “go-to” company for an array of medical device and drug delivery OEMs as it has profound knowledge and experience of the medical sector, and can therefore bring vital insight and clinical knowledge to any product development product.

Nothing counts like experience, and the clinical knowledge and detailed understanding of the regulatory environment in which medical device manufacturers work, ensures that product design and development with Micro Engineering Solutions means devices that are fit for purpose and right first time.

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