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Wi-Fi Drug Delivery

4/15/15     Researchers have been successful in trial studies on mice using a wi-fi drug delivery procedure. They have developed a resorbable electronic implant that eliminates bacterial infection. It is a wireless heating device that consists of a serpentine resistor and a power-receiving coil made of magnesium deposited onto a silk protein layer.
The device was implanted in the infected tissue of mice and activated by a wireless transmitter for two sets of 10 minute heat treatments. Twenty-four hours later there was no sign of infection in that tissue and the surrounding tissue was also normal. After 15 days, the device completely dissolved and magnesium levels at the implant site and surrounding areas were comparable to levels usually found in the body.
This concept could lead to on-demand medical devices that are activated remotely and require no retrieval afterwards – a new “wi-fi” drug delivery!