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What is a medical drug delivery microspouter?

2/16/17     What is a microspouter you may ask? It is a micro component implant just 6mm in diameter. Its body is round and surrounds a silicone sponge containing magnetic carabonyl iron particles in the center. Liquid medication is injected into the sponge and the device is surgically implanted into the relevant part of the body. Once implanted, a specific-strength magnet is held over the skin where the implant is which attracts the iron particles causing the sponge to deform, therefore dispensing the dose of medicine.

This microspouter was developed by University of British Columbia researchers and has been tested on animals using the prostate cancer drug, docetaxel. This device could one day be used to deliver painkiller drugs, chemotherapy, hormones and much more. Clinical trials are slated within the next few years.