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The Right Powder Inhaler

9/23/15     Inhaled medication can be administered through inhaler devices. Inhaler devices are usually put into 3 categorizes: breath actuated inhalers (BAIs), pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) and dry powder inhalers (DPIs). When inhalers are given to patients the following considerations must be taken into account: condition being treated, patients age, lifestyle, dexterity and preference.
PATIENTS: The biggest issue people are currently having with inhalers is patient misuse. If the patient doesn’t know how to use the inhaler properly the correct dose of medicine won’t reach the lungs to treat the patient effectively. When polled 75% of patients said they knew how to use their inhaler properly, but when they were assessed using their inhalers 90% of them were using it incorrectly. Pharmaceutical companies include a pamphlet with each inhaler showing the proper procedure for use.
The DoseOne™ inhaler has a very simple design and easy to use, cutting down on patient incorrect technique. It is a single use disposable dry powder inhaler that has only 3 steps to use it:
1. Removal from packaging
2. Actuating
3. Inspiration
There is no priming of the device and it contains a simple dose readiness indicator AND a dose delivery indicator.


PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES: An opportunity exists for a device / pharmaceutical manufacturer to partner with us to bring to market a revolutionary new singe-dose powder inhaler. DoseOne™ has been prototyped, tested, benchmarked, and is ready for pilot production and the support of a qualified partner to realize market potential. DoseOne™ is simple, inexpensive, and can be brought to market quickly as it is already designed, molded and ready for the incorporation of minor modifications depending upon particular drug/excipient molecule size. Micro Engineering Solutions (MES) has the exclusive worldwide rights to sell DoseOne™ and is now actively seeking serious and interested partners. The market is ready for a simple to use, cheap, and easy to manufacture single dose powder inhaler. There is a massive and immediate business opportunity, as well as the chance to be involved with the commercialization of a drug delivery device that can truly revolutionize and make accessible to all the treatment of numerous potentially fatal diseases. Contact Donna Bibber directly to learn more at (774) 230-3459 or via email at donna@microengineeringsolutions.com.