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7/16/14     Dry Powder Inhalers. Development of the DoseOne™ single dose powder inhaler (US Patent #7,832,399) required a multi-disciplinary team approach, as any such drug delivery device needs to combine not just design skills, but also software and mechanical engineering capabilities, and expertise in analytical science and industrialization. MES has the exclusive worldwide rights to sell DoseOne™ and is actively seeking serious and interested partners. The design of this powder inhaler is sympathetic to the requirements for mass manufacture and regulatory compliance.

As is so often the case, the key advantage of the DoseOne™ is its simplicity. Through the expeditious use of design and micro manufacturing expertise, DoseOne™ is an easy to manufacture and assemble 3-component device. It caters for the increased demand for dry powder inhalers (DPIs) instead of metered dose inhalers (MDIs), the latter regarded as difficult to use, expensive to manufacture, and also attracting more and more regulatory scrutiny due to the use of propellants.

The DoseOne™ is equipped with a simple dose readiness indicator and a dose delivery indicator — which means it conforms with strict FDA patient-compliance regulations previously only attained by expensive MDIs and multi-use DPIs. With the DoseOne™, the potential for a device that can provide a cost-effective and efficient means of vaccine delivery is obvious, and this is an area that MES is actively looking to pursue with any interested pharma manufacturer. It is also ideally suited for the delivery of a number of drugs to third world countries that would previously have needed third party administration.

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Ultra Precision manufacturing is the key to the success of DoseOne™. Each of the three components that make up the device is easy to manufacture. The simplicity of the device in terms of the number of components used and the ease of assembly are of huge importance as this makes it an inexpensive drug delivery option, costing approximately $0.30 per device at full volume. The ultra precise nature of the design and components also ensures that the device is small, which makes it easy to carry and package for mass distribution to cater for epidemic and pandemic hot spots.

DoseOne™  is a perfect example of what can be achieved if an innate understanding of ultra precision design and manufacturing is combined with an understanding of the regulatory environment that exists around drug delivery devices these days, and a realization of the potential for innovative solutions that cater for mass “self” administration of drugs in a cost effective and safe way.


If you are interested in partnering with MES on the DoseOne™ product, or you are looking to explore some of the possibilities that exist for the development of ultra precision devices for other medical applications, please email Donna Bibber at donna@microengineeringsolutions.com. For full details of DoseOne™ see www.dose-one.com.