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Review of top 2016 micro blogs

We write blogs every week to inform people about what we do, what our experience and expertise is in and we also share news about interesting “micro” advancements mainly in the pharma and medical fields. In reviewing all of the blogs read in 2016, the top ten read blogs were very interesting. We have attached links to them below so you can review them. If you have a project that needs micro-expertise, please contact us to see how we can help.

Most popular blog – Worldwide Technological Advancements In Micro Molding

Second most popular blog – Micro Technology Wins Nobel Prize

Third most popular blog – Cutting Edge Micro Technology in the Medical and Pharma Fields

Fourth most popular blog – Dose One Single Dose Powder Inhaler

Fifth most popular blog – Micro Ophthalmic Ocular Implants

Sixth most popular blog – Micro Molding Bio-resorbable Polymers

Seventh most popular blog – Micro Bio-degradable Electronics

Eighth most popular blog – dpis During Childbirth

Nineth most popular blog – Micro Electronics in a Hydrogel-based Bandage

Tenth most popular blog – Single Dose Powder Inhaler is Pilot Production and Ripe for an Active Partner (this one was written in 2012 and is still one of our most popular blogs!)