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Powder Inhalers – Not Just For Respiratory Diseases Anymore!

3/3/15   There has been a lot of buzz in the news lately about inhaled drugs using micro component inhalers to help with a plethora of illnesses. Inhaling drugs is becoming a preferred method of getting medicine into the lungs quickly and successfully. The characteristics, size and nature of this drug delivery technology makes powder inhalers advantageous for numerous end use applications. One in particular includes pandemics and epidemics in third world countries. Powder inhalers are designed to be simple to us, simple and safe to administer the drug(s) and the devices are low cost.
A recent article posted in Reuters Health talks about how preliminary testing of inhaling oxytocin appears to encourage men with autism to make more eye contact. Powder inhalers are popularly used when treating respiratory diseases and have been used in trials pertaining to other illnesses too like diabetes.
Other areas of using a dry powder inhaler being studied are hereditary diseases, cystic fibrosis, osteoporosis, infectious diseases, neurology and pain management.

Micro Engineering Solutions (MES) is also submerged in this technology by having the exclusive rights to market and sell the DoseOne™ Single Dose Powder Inhaler. The key advantage to the DoseOne™ is its simplicity. This 3-component device is easy to manufacture and assemble; it is simple for the end-user to use with its easy 3-step process; it can be altered to administer a variety of drugs up to 2 at a time and is inexpensive to produce. MES is currently seeking serious pharmaceutical partners for this product. For more information please contact DBibber@Dose-One.com.