micro parts to market... faster


7/2/13     Some of the micro machined PEEK components that Micro Engineering Solutions has made are literally dust-speck-sized parts machined from rod stock. They require careful planning of material waste from rod or sheet stock and utilizing every square millimeter of material. Raw material implant grade PEEK cost ranges from $70-$400/lb so it is important to make the least amount of scrap as possible.

Micro Engineering Solutions has worked on numerous micro machined PEEK components. Here are some of the parts we have made:







This is an implantable PEEK anchor, the holes are 0.0025″ wide and a PEEK wall thickness of 0.002″


Quadrant X2 (Lexan HPX8R) #8







This is an injection molded needle with a 0.002″ hole through the center and the tip radius is 0.0007″








This is a PEEK oval with a 0.002″ wall thickness, which gets fluid-filled and sealed