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Patented Dry Powder Inhaler Technology Looking for Partner

11/24/15     The DoseOne™ dry powder inhaler is capsule based with a new needle technology that can pierce the capsule with no particles detaching from the capsule and the powder is delivered directly through the needle. The result is a disposable three piece molded device storing the capsule, which can be actuated and inhaled by the patient in one step. No dose counter is required and a window in the device gives the patient visual confirmation of an empty capsule after inhalation.

It was designed to be simple to use, disposable and cost effective to manufacture.


The three piece package design can be made to accept various capsule sizes to accommodate a variety of powder dose volumes and densities. This permits delivery of dose volumes ranging from 5 mg to 200 mg. The engine can be easily tuned to deliver various powders balancing emitted doses with inhaler resistance.

It has 2 patents (7,832,399 B2 & 8,360,057 B2). These two patents cover the unique dosing mechanism of the device, and the ability to use the technology for dual-drug delivery.

We are currently looking to partner with a pharmaceutical company to bring this device to market. It has been prototyped, tested, benchmarked and is ready for pilot production. DoseOne™ is simple, inexpensive and can be brought to market quickly as it is already designed, injection molded and geared for fast iteration for the incorporation of minor modifications for a multitude of drug/excipient molecule sizes.

If you are interested in learning more about this product and partnering with us, please email Donna Bibber at Donna@MicroEngineeringSolutions.com.