Partnership in Drug Delivery Powder Inhalers

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June 9, 2016
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June 24, 2016

Partnership in Drug Delivery Powder Inhalers

6/13/16 Dry Powder Inhaler: development of the DoseOne™ single dose powder inhaler (US Patent #7,832,399) required a multi-disciplinary team approach, as any such drug delivery device needs to combine not just design skills, but also software and mechanical engineering capabilities, and expertise in analytical science and industrialization. MES has the exclusive worldwide rights to sell DoseOne™ and is actively seeking serious and interested partners. The design of this powder inhaler is sympathetic to the requirements for mass manufacture and regulatory compliance.
A single dose powder inhaler is pilot-production and ripe for an active partner to bring it to market. Introducing DoseOne™, a single dose powder inhaler that is already prototyped, tested, recently benchmarked, and ready for pilot production and a partner to move it forward. The design is SO simple it’s something that makes you say, “Darn, I wish I thought of that, it’s so simple!”

Simple means inexpensive (~$0.30 USD in Full Volume) and fast to market and can be tested in pilot production immediately because it is already designed, molded, and ready for slight modifications to fit a particular size molecule.

DoseOne™ is a single use disposable dry powder inhaler that is:


  • Easy to Carry & package for epidemic/pandemic necessity
  • Fills a unique niche in the dry powder inhaler market

Achieves new demanding regulatory requirements previously only achievable using complicated device designs such as:

  • Dose counting
  • Powder holdup
  • Dose readiness indication
  • Dose completion / user feedback

DoseOne™ is extremely easy to use and requires minimal training
– The device, as currently designed, requires three steps to use
• Removal from over-pack
• Actuation
• Inspiration
– Actuation is a simple compressive snap
– As a result of it’s simple operation, DoseOne™ has an excellent application in the delivery of drugs (such as vaccinations) to third-world countries

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