micro parts to market... faster


 05/20/13      Our organization, MES, is located near Boston MA and we always have our eyes open looking for partnerships in drug delivery. Drug delivery and medical devices are requiring new products that create tinier, less invasive, fluid-induced, and/or space saving micro devices.  The tiniest parts in an assembly are the enabling components to the device and also the components most likely to pose manufacturing, handling, and assembly challenges.  These products require customized integrated and automated solutions to ensure their success out of the gate. We believe choosing both highly iterative and scalable micro manufacturing and assembly processes will aid in robust and fast to market drug delivery devices. We have the knowledge and experience to work with companies that need micro engineering expertise in this fast moving field. You can read more about this subject in an article we wrote for the Medical Design Magazine. Please click on this link to see the article in one of our past blogs.