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MICRO’s Future in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Sectors

7/8/15     In yesterdays world the procedure we followed was “diagnose, then treat” the problem with medical devices that were administered by a medical professional. Patients could self administer some medications in a pill form but other medications were administered as injectables by medical professionals.
In todays world we still practice “diagnose, then treat” but we have added a little preventative maintenance in the mix. Some medical devices are now patient friendly and an increasing number of medications are able to be taken by patients in the form of a pill or patch.

The future world is calling for “prediction and prevention”. Technology advances have been soaring and we have been developing ways to predict what ailments may be in a persons future. As these developments are progressing, the tools that enable the medical field to predict future ailments have encompassed micro sized components in both the medical devices and the drug delivery sectors.
In addition to this cutting edge technology is the rise of biological drugs that have a dual function. For instance, in the case of cardiovascular disease, the drugs both lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol at the same time.

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Imagine a world where chronic illnesses can be prevented! These are the types of projects we are currently working on and are proud to be a part of this advancement.