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MICRO-sized Microscopes

05/27/15     A micro sized microscope has been developed by researchers at Stanford University, weighing only 2 grams. This microscope is small enough to sit on top of a rats head and the rat is able to move around and do it’s normal daily activities. This fluorescent scope captures the activity of up to 200 individual brain cells as the rat explores its environment. This view will allow scientists to study how the brain directs movement. This microscope will have uses beyond brain imaging,  putting multiple scopes together will allow for the quick count of cells or screen lab animals.

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All of the components used to make this device are either already mass produced or can be, making it very inexpensive at an estimated few dollars per scope. This type of micro research is part of a growing trend in microscopy to make smaller and smaller devices. This research was published recently in the journal NatureMethods.