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Micro Ophthalmic Technology

10/28/15      Micro manufacturing is a major component in new cutting edge medical and pharmaceutical technology. Usually the smallest component in a medical or pharmaceutical implant or device is the enabling component. One popular field for micro is ophthalmic due to age related eye diseases (cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, etc). Ophthalmic and intraocular implants are largely made up of many micro sized and highly precise components and assemblies.  This market sector continues to remain one of the largest and fastest growing micro medical and pharma micro device sectors, globally. Anyone who has ever had a speck of dust in their eye knows the irritation it causes, so imagine how small eye implants and devices must be in order to be comfortable to wear.


Intraocular implant


Another common eye problem is Dry Eye. It is an irritation of the eye due to an ability to produce enough tears to keep the eye comfortably moist. Treating this condition generally requires micro components about ¼ of the size of a grain of rice put inside of a punctal plug. This plug is surgically placed in both the upper and lower eyelids to prevent fluid in the eye from draining.

In the micro field we are exploring new alternatives to existing medical and pharmaceutical devices and procedures. Just imagine sometime in the future giving a blind person the ability to see for the first time or putting a contact lens in your eye that has a computer screen on it, these ideas are already in the research phase and could become a reality soon! The options of using micro capabilities in the medical and pharmaceutical fields are endless. We here at Micro Engineering Solutions are using cutting edge technology and research to help move these fields into the future!