micro parts to market... faster


8/13/12:   Micro Molding in bio-resorbable PLA and PGA materials creates challenges with small gate sizes for these highly shear sensitive and highly moisture sensitive materials.  Donna Bibber wrote an article which dives into some of these challenges such as shear stress through small gates, humidity control for extremely small shot sizes, and integrating macro to micro technologies to produce near micron level geometry in precision, micro molded bio-resorbable components.   As implantable and bio-resorbable molded parts approach micro or nano in size, even a toothpick-sized runner is still too large and too costly.  Bio-resorbable raw material costs are between $3,000-$22,000/lb.  In the article is a case study for micro molding with bio-resorbable polymers creating an instant return on investment for molding with net zero material losses in runner and sprue scrap.  You can read this article in full by clicking here:  Micro Molding Using Bio-Resorbable Polymers.