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11/12/14   Here is a blog we posted a few months ago that had a lot of interest, so we are reposting it again for those who might have missed it. We have also included more images showing the fly plates.

Micro Engineering Solutions micro molded fly plates for one of our customers and we came across an interesting article on the study they did with the fly plates.
The study was conducted at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Biomedical Science. They wanted to study fruit fly brains to get a better understanding of human brains.
They separated the color sensitivity of the flies’ inner and outer receptors to learn how color and motion signals interact in the brain.
The fly plates we made were used to measure the insect’s response to motion.


micro fly plate                               blog - 111214 pic2
The results show that fly brain uses inputs from photoreceptors that are sensitive to different colors to improve its motion perception.The neural networks, at a microscopic level, are very similar between fruit flies and humans, which makes it easier to study brain processes.

micro fly plate

The scientific and medical fields are using more and more micro technology to advance their research to improve on existing technology and understanding of how the human body works.

Micro medical components is the field that MES is expert in. If you have a project that needs cutting edge micro technology, give our engineering department a call. We can be reached at 774-230-3459 or you can email our head expert at DonnaBibber@MicroEngineeringSolutions.com.