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Micro Molding Living Tissue Structures

01/28/15     Micro molding uses a set of fabrication techniques to produce tiny components or extremely small features on larger plastic products. These components have high tolerances with extremely accurate dimensions. Digital journal released an article this month about micro molding living tissue structures which is an amazing concept.

blog - 012815 micro molding tissue

Here is an overview of that article:
There is a new method for constructing large tissues from living components of three-dimensional micro tissues. The hope is to expand on this method to one day build entire organs. These three-dimensional tissues contain thousands to millions of living cells. The cells keep the tissue alive by introducing nutrients and expeling toxic substances.
Using micro molding techniques researchers have been able to build tissue stuctures in sphere, rod, slab and ring shapes. This process takes place in a device with two chambers. One chamber stores the living cellular parts while the other is for construction. In a honeycomb slab structure built, it holds 250,000 cells and is approximately 2 millimeters thick. This is a tiny structure containing large volume of cells. Various cells have been used in this study including ovarian cells, liver cells and breast cancer cells. It is hoped that this method will enable larger structures to be made leading to the production of entire organs such as livers, kidneys or pancreases.

As you can see, micro manufacturing is cutting edge technology that has enabled the medical and pharmaceutical fields to make leaps and bounds in the advancement of technology. We are proud to be at the top of the list of companies involved in this process!