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Micro Medical Device Moves With Mechanical Energy

7/21/16     Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a nanogenerator that converts energy from body movement (muscle or water). As a body’s muscles move or fluid moves through the body, the nanongenerator produces electrical current through the bending and relaxing of zinc oxide nanowires. When these wires flex, it creates electricity. Due to zinc oxide being nontoxic to humans, this creation can be used safely in the human body.  The human body can turn glucose into energy for our muscles, this nanogenerator can take that energy and convert it into electrical energy that powers a device inside the body.
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Imagine the wide array of uses for this, from soldiers generating energy as they walk for their electronics to a civilian charging their cell phone as they wash the dishes! These are the types of products Micro Engineering Solutions uses its expertise on. Micro sized components don’t act like regular sized components and therefore needs experienced engineering to make them work as desired.