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6/19/13:  The use of micro machining and micro molding in the manufacturing of drug delivery devices is the way of the future! With new cutting-edge technology and the need for smaller and smaller less-invasive medical devices, Micro Engineering Solutions is the solution. We help develop and manufacture state of the art disposable point of care and wearable devices. These products include infusion pumps, powder inhalers, transdermal patches, bio-resorbable polymer devices and intraocular implants.

These devices, most microfluidic in nature, have commonalities in micro features such as micro aspirators, microfluidic channels and ultra-precision small orifices.  Partnering with a supplier that has gone beyond the feature sizes you need results in a successful point of care devices versus a science experiment. Due to our expertise in this field, partnering with Micro Engineering Solutions could save you time and money!

Microfluidic devices are designed to control extremely tiny droplets of fluid such as blood, drugs, or gel-like fluids. Tiny channels, v-grooves, holes, and valves are accurately positioned on tiny chips and surfaces to push, pull, pressurize, or atomize these fluids in order to give the microfluidic device the required functionality. Key to the efficient working of microfluidic devices are sub-micron surface finishes, extremely accurate adhesion and positioning of features in relation to other features, and an understanding of the fluid flow and interactions with external forces — such as static, temperature, pressure, and humidity.

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Micro Engineering Solutions creates features in the sub-micron range using several different processes including micro molding, micro machining, lithography, and direction etching. Some applications among many others that require this level of precision and positioning include microfluidic chips, insulin and other drug delivery valving, and drug aspirators.

MICRO is the future when it comes to medical and pharmaceutical devices and Micro Engineering Solutions is your solution!