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Micro Implantable Drug Delivery Device Advantages

7/7/16     Fueling the market for implantable drug delivery devices are the rising occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and the increasing number of interventional cardiologists. Implantable drug delivery devices provide many advantages over the traditional oral drug delivery method. They offer localized and site-specific delivery, which is extremely important in applications such as cardiology and oncology because it enhances the treatment’s effectiveness and lowers its damage/side effects to healthy tissues.
Transparency Market Research (TMR), a market intelligence company, acknowledges the top two advantages of using implantable drug delivery devices. These advantages are:

1. Convenience: Implantable drug delivery devices allow patients to take medication outside of a hospital setting and involve relatively marginal medical observation. In addition, implantation treatments involve a reduced risk of infections and complications as compared to indwelling catheter-based infusion systems.

2. Automation of Drug Delivery: Drug delivery via an implant eliminates patient errors, which in turn increases the treatment regimen immensely.
Non-biodegradable drug delivery devices are extremely popular when working with hormone regulation, contraception, oncology, abuse deterrence, and pain management.

1. Hormone regulation: Women’s transmucosal hormone contraceptives can deliver a for a set time period (a few months-3 years) to treat symptoms related to menopause. Another example is Merck & Co.’s Nexplanon®. This device is made using EVA and delivers 68 mg of etonogestrel for a period of three years. These devices usually consist of an implant in a subcutaneous manner in the arm of the patient.

2. Diabetes treatment: Non-biodegradable implantable drug delivery devices present a unique solutions for diabetics. They are a long term implant delivery technology for the treatment of type II diabetes.


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