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Micro Component Drug Device Combination Products

2/9/17     Drug device combination products are therapeutic products made up of an active pharmaceutical ingredient and a medical device that are physically and/or chemically, combined to be produced as a single product (according to the US Food & Drug Administration). The pharmaceutical drug that is in the device may be surface coated or impregnated. These products can be designed for local as well as systemic administration of drug to a patient. These combo products are in the forefront of technology at the moment due to their ease of use and demand in the medical industry.
The advantages of using these combo products include improved patient compliance, targeted drug delivery, reduced adverse side effects and controlled release administration of a drug. They also produce faster healing time, decreased morbidity and relief from pain.
These combo products are being used in infusion pumps, orthopedic combination products, drug eluting stents, photosensitizers, inhalers, wound care combo products, transdermal patches and in other areas that include intraocular implants and drug eluting beads. The high rates of chronic pain, asthma, obesity cancers and diabetes are the main factor pushing the technological advances in this area. The medical industry is demanding smaller drug delivery implants and better minimally invasive surgeries.
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