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Micro Component Contact Lenses

11/25/16     In a blog earlier this month we wrote about glucose monitoring contact lenses. “Hi-tech” contact lenses with micro-sized components are all the buzz these days. Scientists are excited about the wide array of applications that could be incorporated into a contact lens, things like detecting blood sugar levels, monitoring body levels, myopia control, drug delivery and also getting into the electronic world of tiny tv screens embedded into a lens!

There are issues scientists will need to work through before all of this becomes a reality. Germs is one of the biggest hurdles researchers are currently working on. The applications that are on the table would making wearing contact lenses a 24/7 thing, increasing the risk of infection.
Another issue is developing the micro components needed for these applications while keeping the devices affordable. Another real challenge is manufacturing and storing the lenses without degradation. With that, a concern that these experimental devices will show a low level of participation in clinical trials. People may be concerned that they may harm their vision.
And as in any ocular device, comfort level can pose an issue, considering the contact thickness required to hold medicines or electronic components.
Before these dreams of useful applications embedded into contact lenses becomes a reality, there are still some major issues that need to be conquered in order to make these dreams a safe reality. Micro Engineering Solutions is working hard on making these dreams become a reality for millions of people.