micro parts to market... faster


8/8/13     Micro molding refers to a set of fabrication techniques that produce tiny speck-sized components or extremely small features on larger plastic products. As technology has advanced, it is now possible to use equipment customized to micro molding rather than attempting to scale down part size on standard molding machines. MES is expert in the art of micro molding, and allows its clients to take advantage of the inherent advantages of the process which include relatively inexpensive tooling, quick cycle times, extremely accurate parts, achievement of tight tolerances, and the attainment of seemingly radical part geometries.


The key to achieving success in micro molding is to choose your supplier carefully, as an in-depth understanding of the vagaries of the process and expertise in the    execution of mission  critical projects is vital. The nature of micro molding is such that it cannot simply be treated as a scaled down version of traditional molding,  as numerous tolerances and behaviours of  parts and materials change hugely when working at the micron level. More and more OEMs are treating their micro  manufacturing sub-contractors as project partners these days, as the  key to success in micro manufacturing in general and micro molding in particular is an  appreciation of the nuts and bolts of the process from the very early stages of product design.

MES works with clients who have a rough conception of product characteristics or fully worked up 3D CAD solid models all the way through design, assembly, and  high volume manufacturing of micro molded components. What is important is an ability to assess the manufacturability of products early in the design stage, and  to be able to advise clients of design reiterations that may be necessary to save the cost of manufacturing problems found post-tooling.