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Medical Electrical Prescriptions

12/30/15     Seven teams of researchers have begun work on an Electrical Prescription program in hopes of developing a closed-loop system that treats diseases by modulating the activity of peripheral nerves. This research is aimed to help conditions like inflammatory disease, chronic pain and post traumatic stress.
The body’s peripheral nervous system communicates an  array of sensory and motor signals which monitor our health and effect changes in organ and brain functions in order to keep us healthy. This research program hopes to do the same by detecting the onset of disease and automatically responding to combat the issue and restore health to the body. It will accomplish this by stimulating the peripheral nerves in a similar way that the body does.
As we have blogged before, the medical field is transitioning into a ‘preventive-maintenance” system rather than a reactive one, hoping to cut medical costs across the globe and prevent many people from having to deal with a major illness.