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Is This The End Of Insulin Injections?

7/15/15     A recently developed smart patch covered with mico needles can detect sugar levels in the blood and secrete insulin as needed. An article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science talks in depth about this research.
The smart patch is smaller than a penny and is covered with one hundred micro needles. Each needle has a micro sized storage unit filled with insulin and glucose sensing enzymes that release insulin when blood sugar levels get too high.

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This patch works fast, is easy to use and is made from non-toxic, biocompatible materials. The patch can be personalized to fit an individual persons needs (weight, sensitivity to insulin, etc).
Currently diabetics have to prick their skin multiple times a day and administer their own insulin. Besides the constant painful pricking of the skin, the dose of insulin is often administered incorrectly. This patch would solve all of these problems. More clinical studies need to be done before this patch can go on the market, but just imagine the potential!
MES has worked on similar patches, making hundreds of micro sized needles on 1 single tiny patch. It’s cutting edge technology and we are excited to be a part of it.