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Increase the Magnification on Your Smart Phone Camera

2/24/16    What a creative product!  We, as engineers creating micro molded parts and features, will be thrilled to take a photo with our phone and send it directly to our medical or drug delivery device customers instantly.  Tiny connectors, antennas, capsules, cannulas, insert micro molded drug delivery devices all have extremely small features, very difficult to capture in magnification mode on a phone.  With many markets going smaller and smaller, it’s much easier to take the photo with your phone in your back pocket than to setup a tripod, pull the USB out, run to our computers, chop, crop, and julienne the photo and email it.  For production scale parts and features requiring macro photography, visit our page showing some intensely tiny implants, delivery devices, thin-walled electronics, and connectors at http://www.microengineeringsolutions.com/mes_service/micro-molding/.

A lens has been developed that you put over your smart phone camera lens and it increases its magnification! It is an adhesive add-on lens that offers 15X optical magnification.

It is only 1/4 inch (6 mm) in diameter and is basically a tiny sticker that goes right over your camera’s lens. It is washable, removable and reusable, so you don’t have to lock it onto one specific smartphone or tablet.


The lens is made using platinum catalyzed silicone technology (soft plastic instead of glass). This makes it flexible and scratch-resistant and according to the maker of this product, Thomas Larson, is optically identical to glass.

The lens is able to achieve a magnification of 15X, but it can achieve higher magnification in the order of 60X with the assistance of the smartphone or tablet’s digital zooming capability. Larson recommends using it with a 5 megapixel cell phone camera as a minimum.

Future plans are to bring a 150X version of the lens to market! Micro technology has found its way into many fields and is making our lives more enjoyable.