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Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens 

11/2/16 Oregon State University researchers have fabricated sensors using nanostructured transistors that can detect subtle glucose changes in the tear fluid in eyes. This device would transmit real-time glucose information to a wearable pump that delivers the hormones needed to regulate blood sugar: insulin and glucagon. Imagine type 1 diabetes patients being able to monitor their blood glucose levels and control their insulin infusions using a transparent sensor on a contact lens!

The researchers currently have fully transparent sensors working, they are now developing the communication aspect. This process could go in many different directions. One direction being explored is communication with a smart phone to warn you if your glucose was high or low, then you could self-medicate.
These sensors are being explored for other purposes like cancer detection by sensing characteristic biomarkers of cancer risk. Their high sensitivity could also measure things such as oxygen levels, pulse rate, and other aspects of health monitoring that require precise control.
This type of cutting edge micro technology has endless purposes in the health care industry.