micro parts to market... faster


4/18/14   Medical devices are getting so small some of their components are hard to see with the naked eye. This allows for medical procedures that are less invasive and are more comfortable for the body to tolerate. This micro science has been booming and is spreading to other areas of technology.

Here are a few new products that have been or are currently being developed in the field:

  • Veri-Chip- This is a device that is small enough to be put inside of a needle and injected under the skin. The chip acts like a debit card, so you won’t need to carry your bank card around with you anymore. All that you need to do when you want to buy something is have your skin scanned and the purchase price will be taken directly out of your bank account. What an convenient idea for when you are vacationing on a beach, no wallet needed!
  • Wearable electronics – This is a subcutaneous  touch screen device that is implanted just under your skin and can be seen through your skin. It runs on blood and can be used as  a cell phone, calculator, credit card, etc.
  • Electronic Skin tattoo – This is an epidural electronic system that is designed to stretch and move with your skin. The potential for this product is endless, ranging from medical diagnostics to video game control to accelerated wound healing.

Because cutting edge technology is allowing researchers and engineers to make micro-sized parts that are easily implanted into the human body and comfortably worn the electronics, medical and pharmaceutical fields are all going micro.

Micro is what we do here at MES, we have worked on many projects within the above mentioned fields. You can see some of our work on our Micro Services page of our website. www.MicroEngineeringSolutions.com.






Picture courtesy of www.neaiga.com