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Drug Delivery Micro Technology

05/19/15    An innovative technique using micro technology to deliver drugs into a person without piercing the skin is called needle free drug delivery technology. This is accomplished via a variety of avenues: transdermal patches, jet injectors, micro needles and oral & inhalation drug delivery.

At MES we have worked on many of these projects including transdermal patches, micro needles and both oral and inhalation drug delivery.
A transdermal patch, which is a medicated adhesive patch that is placed on the skin surface to deliver a specific dose of medication through micro sized needle tips. We have worked on transdermal patches that require a 70 micron drug orifice which was ultrasonically welded to the drug membrane.

Micro needles are typically glass micro-sized needles. A project that we worked on in this category required a 50 micron hole in each needle and the needles are 0.100″ high.



A powder inhaler micro component that we have been a part of is for a powder inhaler with 160 micron orifices made from polycarbonate.

micro powder inhaler


We have been immersed in this cutting edge technology for some time now and would love to bring this experience and knowledge to the table and help you with your project needs.