Drug Delivery And Point of Care Device Collaboration

Micro Molding Using Bio-Resorbable Polymers
August 13, 2012
Peek Micro Machining Cost Effectiveness
August 27, 2012

Drug Delivery And Point of Care Device Collaboration

8/20/12: Drug Delivery Devices are getting smaller and smaller and micro molding and micro machining are useful processes to produce state of the art disposable point of care and wearable devices.  These products include transdermal patches, infusion pumps, powder inhalers, intraocular implants, and bio-resorbable polymer devices; slow or quick release.

These devices, most microfluidic in nature, have commonalities in micro features such as micro aspirators, microfluidic channels and ultra-precision small orifices.  Partnering with a supplier that has gone beyond the feature sizes you need results in a successful point of care devices versus a science experiment.

This article describes several case studies and benefits to collaborating with creative-minded with development and manufacturing facilities equipped for highly iterative designs and testing facilities for Fast-to-Clinical drug delivery and point of care device programs.

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