micro parts to market... faster


2/5/14     Each of the below high growth areas requires some level of micro component, assembly, automation and/or ultra high precision. According to a recent research report article in QMed there are 10 medical device technologies with significant growth potential that are valued at $454 billion.
1. Diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology and capsule endoscopy
2. Drug delivery technologies
3. Molecular diagnostics
4. Mobility assistance technologies
5. Technology for minimally invasive surgery
6. Microfluidics and MEMS
7. Non-invasive monitoring (continuous blood glucose monitoring)
8. Biomaterials including antimicrobial woundcare technologies and orthopedic materials
9. Bioactive implants
10. Telemedicine
Out of these biomaterials has the strongest potential for growth due to their large market share. In 2009 the total value of biomaterials market was $46.6 billion, in 2014 this market is forecasted to increase to $85.5 billion.
Micro Engineering Solutions has micro expertise in many of these fields and is using cutting edge technology to further the path of micro in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.