micro parts to market... faster


“People know you all over the U.S. I called three people and they all told me to call you.”

Aerospace Contract Manufacturer, Ontario

“Your reputation is such that micro-molding and Donna Bibber have become almost synonymous. I’m not joking, in almost every conversation I have on the subject, there is practically a race to see who’s going to mention you first! You were extremely thoughtful, helpful & knowledgeable in all of our previous contacts, so it’s natural for… Read More »

Global Technology Director, RI

“Everywhere I look for micro, your name is there.”

Medical Contract Mfg Engineer, CO

“I decided at my age that I only want to work with people I like and I really enjoyed working with you.”

Orthodontic OEM CEO, PA

“I just wanted to let you know that I have heard very good feedback regarding your handling of this project. It’s great to have a supplier who is more a partner than just a supplier. I know the team is very appreciative.”

Medical OEM Senior Engineer, NC

“If anyone can do this job, it’s you.”

Medical Device OEM Scientist, MN

“The work that you get done on a daily basis is incredible.”

Business Development Director, CT

“Your energy is infectious.”

Electronics OEM Senior Engineer, IL

“You have such a diverse background.”

R&D Director, NJ

“You have great energy!”

R&D Director, NJ

“I held you in such high regard prior to our working together and now that I’ve worked with you I am blown away by your professionalism and your knowledge in your field. You totally exceeded all of my expectations.”

CEO, Medical Injection Molder, MA

“You were awarded this project because of your high skill in your field.”

Procurement Director, NC