About Us

Micro Engineering Solutions, Inc., is your trusted strategic partner for the design, manufacture, and assembly of micro medical devices and drug delivery systems.

To ensure optimized outcomes and innovation in micro product development, our medical OEM customers benefit not just from our combined 100 year micro manufacturing experience, but also from the fact that we offer a true design to market solution that ensures cost-effective, timely, and innovative product development.

Micro Engineering Solutions comes at your micro product design and development project with an unparalleled understanding of the design for manufacture considerations that are central to success. In addition, through our in-depth understanding of all micro manufacturing processes, our extensive clinical knowledge, and scalable design and risk mitigation plans, we create the most innovative and cutting-edge micro medical device and drug delivery systems possible for our customers.

We are truly vertically integrated, meaning that our exceptional team of product design and development engineers can work with you throughout the design to market process. At every stage of your product development we promote open and collaborative dialogue, as we fully believe that this is fundamental to successful and speedy product development.

We have experience of manufacturing numerous medical devices including but not limited to drug well arrays, inhalable products, aspiration products, swallowable devices, spine implants, biomarkers, biosensors, and transdermal, subcutaneous, slow release, and bioresorbable drug delivery systems.

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