September 30, 2015

Molding Micro Surface Features

9/30/15     Here’s something that always causes a few eyebrows to be raised, and which exemplifies the progress that has been made in micro molding in recent […]
September 23, 2015

The Right Powder Inhaler

9/23/15     Inhaled medication can be administered through inhaler devices. Inhaler devices are usually put into 3 categorizes: breath actuated inhalers (BAIs), pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) […]
September 16, 2015

Micro Magnifying Contact Lenses

9/16/15 Researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have developed contact lenses that have micro-sized telescopic lenses built in to boost vision. […]
September 2, 2015

Medical Device Biologization

09/02/15 The process of combining technical and biologic components in a medical process or device is called biologization. It is a growing trend in the orthopedic […]
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