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5/28/14   A single dose powder inhaler is pilot-production and ripe for an active partner to bring it to market.  It’s called DoseOne™,  and it is a single dose powder inhaler that is prototyped, tested, and ready for production just waiting on a partner to move it forward!

The design is simple and inexpensive, approximately $0.30 in full volume. It can be ready for testing and be able to move fast to market. DoseOne™ ha already been designed, molded and is ready for slight modifications to fit your needs.

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DoseOne™ is a single use disposable dry powder inhaler that is:

– Vaccine-ready

– Easy to Carry & package for epidemic/pandemic necessity

– Fills a unique niche in the dry powder inhaler market

DoseOne™ is extremely easy to use and requires minimal training. It’s current design takes only 3 simple steps to use: remove from packaging, actuation and inspiration. Due to it’s simple operation it has excellent application in the delivery of drugs to third world countries.

DoseOne™ is currently a three component inhaler. All three components are highly manufacturable, long term material selection which can be determined by the customer as a function of drug chemistry as the device design requires very few material constraints and current performance data which utilized pharmaceutical grade/USP Class VI resins.

There are also regulatory advantages to this device. It is a single dose device, minimizing dose-to-dose consistency risk. There is no device priming.  Many inhalation systems require a prime of the device of a number of shot before use.  It uses a new device for each dose and thus eliminates the issue of powder “caking and flaking” (deposition during inspiration adding to dose volumes of later doses). There is no dose counting!  The FDA and other world health organization strongly recommend the use of dose counters or indicators to increase patient compliance. DoseOne™ is one device, one use, and disposable. Current single cavity tools are Phase I clinical ready, devices are currently in a molded and fully functional state and it is patented #7,832,399

We are currently looking for a partner with successful formulations development/OEM companies interested in providing patients with effective treatment. We want to develop mutually beneficial milestone based license arrangements which results in an expeditious time to market. We want to supply the marketplace with a unique device partnered with an effective drug. If you are interested in partnering with us on the DoseOne™ product, please email Donna Bibber at DBibber@Dose-One.com.


5/14/14   Animal testing has always been a controversial subject and alternatives to date have not been promising. A team at the Wyss Institute has found a solution! Using microfabrication techniques, they have engineered functional human organs-on-chips that provide a great alternative to conventional animal testing. In 2010 a functioning Lung-on-a-Chip was developed. It combines modern tissue engineering with cultured human cells to mimic the structure and functions of a living, breathing human lung on a clear microchip. The Wyss team also recently developed a human Gut-on-a-Chip, mimicing the environment of the intestine. They are now working on other types of organ chips. The plan is to then link them together to predict the responses of a multi-organ system. With this new knowledge and research prospect the hopes are to be able to generate high impact, human relevant, predictive data during critical stages of drug discovery processes that will help drive key decisions and prioritize drug candidates for clinical development.
This new technology has the potential to transform the way in which we do drug discovery and development by providing more predictive tools that can be applied across the entire process from early discovery, target identification and target validation to lead optimization, in addition to providing tools to better design regulatory studies and clinical trials.
You can read more about what the Wyss Institute is doing on their website.